about us

kahroba is one of the pioneers in the field of nanotechnology in the country. Using the results of many years, researchers in the field of nanotechnology have taken an important step in production and development. Nano has a unique and unique industrial and industrial coating. Partner, Superior Technology Department in 2012 , and also has a nanoscale approval certificate from the Nano Headquarters, is a science-based company approved by the Vice President of Technology for Presidential Affairs, has a certificate of approval from the Sharif Research and Development Complex and approved by the Industrial Research Centers. Now, with the continuous efforts of the professionals in the various academic and executive sectors, the full implementation of advanced coatings on a variety of levels according to the customer's need, along with their development and production, is another notable service of our company, which utilizes Specialist forces are doing. The company has successfully implemented several projects in the field of coatings, and is also committed to providing a high level of research and development and producing quality and standard products to meet the country's needs in the field of nanotechnology Have.

Tehran office : 021-33115503 factory office :025-33342350